About Jazal Color

At Jazal Color, we believe that clothes and accesories can offer style, comfort, and a deep connection to history and culture. We offer one of a kind Mayan textile accessories that you are going to absolutely love, we want to show the world the beautiful colors mayan culture has to offer!

Based in Los Angeles and Guatemala, we offer handbags, dog bandanas and pillow covers. Our one of a kind Mayan textile accessories represent just one of the things that you can explore at our site. As you are quickly going to discover, there are a number of different products available.

One of our great joys in running this company is in the form of the artisans we work with. These are products that take advantage of vintage handmade textiles. This means that you are not just getting something that is stylish and comfortable. You are also getting something with a great deal of history. Using the corte (Mayan wrap dresses worn by women) and huipil (the blouse worn by mayan women), we combine these wonderful textiles with more traditional fabrics. The end result is always delightful. We think you are going to love these items as much as we do.

As you check out or web keep in mind that with each purchase, you are helping us to make a difference in the lives of others. Not only do your orders allow us to pay our artisans fair wages, but they also give us the ability to support children with food and education in rural communities.

The Team


Jazmin a passionate photographer. Alberto designer.